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Mario Morino often makes speeches and presentations around the Morino Institute’s focus issues. Here are some of his presentations about Understanding the Internet & society.

2005: Digital Capital of the New Economy—A One-Year Retrospective outlines a view of the future for the Greater Washington region. Mario Morino shares his vision of a connected community-one where ideas, information and trust flow freely, breaking down traditional geographic and industry barriers. These comments were presented at Potomac Conference XII, sponsored by the Greater Washington Board of Trade.

In "Statement on "Bridging the Digital Divide," Mario Morino offers six suggestions for ways to bring both "halves" of our society together in meaningful ways.

In Community@Work: Rethinking How We Help Young People, Mario Morino outlines his vision for reaching out to young people and their families through out-of-school programs that harness the power of the Internet. In this way, young people in low income communities will have greater opportunities to participate in the New Economy. This speech was delivered at the Potomac Regional Educational Partnership Spring Conference, April 26, 1999, at George Mason University.

In 2005: Digital Capital of the New Economy, Mario Morino revisits the five-point call to action, presented in 2005: Digital Capital of the New Economy, and examines how the region has fared on each point. These remarks were presented at Potomac Conference XIV. The conference, a project of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, was the fourteenth annual convening of a representative group of the region's leadership from the public and private sectors to consider the long-term future of the Greater Washington region.

The Promise and Challenge of a New Communications Age outlines the nature of the communications revolution, establishes a framework for the most important challenges which must be addressed and proposes an Agenda for Action for individuals and groups to take advantage of the opportunities available to improve their lives, institutions and communities.

Doors of Opportunity for Local Communities is a companion piece to the Directory of Public Access Networks which was introduced at the 1995 Ties that Bind conference.

Assessment and Evolution of Community Networking was originally presented in 1994 at the first Ties that Bind conference. Tracing the history and development of community networking, the paper also presents 10 suggestions for community networks to make a transition to a higher role and significance.

Opening Doors of Opportunity in the Communications Age provides a general overview of the Institute's goals and partnerships.

The Genesis of the Morino Foundation traces the "discovery-journey" process over an 18-month period resulting in the establishment of Morino Institute.

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