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Understanding the Internet & society
Stimulating New Economy entrepreneurship
Advancing a more effective philanthropy
Closing social divides

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Where are your offices located?

The Institute is located at 19111 Detroit Road, Suite 101, Rocky River, OH 44116 . Phone number is 440-895-2950 .

How can I make application to the Morino Institute for a grant?

The Institute does not accept unsolicited proposals. The grants we make are normally in support of initiatives in which the Morino Institute is actively engaged. Grants are self-directed, done in partnership with those in which we invest, and must be closely aligned to our mission. Our work is typically "program directed" and our funding is used to help evolve concepts or programs that we are advancing or incubating around our focus areas. Click here for further information about our funding philosophy.

What is Netpreneur, Youthlearn, Venture Philanthropy Partners, Potomac KnowledgeWay?

All of these programs are entrepreneurial ventures of the Morino Institute. For additional information and background on the development and evolution of these initiatives, please visit each of the program areas on this Web site: Closing social divides, Stimulating New Economy entrepreneurship, Advancing a more effective philanthropy, and Understanding the Internet and society.

Our current ventures include:

  • Netpreneur’s mission is to advance the success of New Economy entrepreneurs in the National Capital area. Netpreneur nurtures a learning community to advance the success of New Economy entrepreneurs. It provides a venue–through off- and online programs, events and services–where entrepreneurs come to learn, connect, collaborate, grow their businesses and be inspired.

  • YouthLearn’s mission is to advance the work of individuals working with youth in applying technology to improve their effectiveness and the effectiveness of their programs. Youthlearn nurtures a learning community of those people and organizations working to increase opportunities for youth, particularly through out-of-school learning programs that integrate technology. The YouthLearn Web site provides rich resources for those starting or implementing out-of-school programs that integrate technology.

  • Venture Philanthropy Partners is committed to helping develop and define the process of venture philanthropy to increase the level and effectiveness of giving in the National Capital region. Its mission is to apply strategic investment management practices to build stronger, more effective, sustainable organizations serving children.

  • From its formal launch in November 1995 to its conclusion in October 1999, the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project helped the National Capital region become aware of the opportunities and challenges of the New Economy. Having seen its mission successfully completed, the KnowledgeWay leadership sunset the organization and passed on the heritage of the KnowledgeWay to other regional leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who will continue the vision. An archived Web site is still available for individuals and organizations interested in the evolution of the initiative.

How can I get engaged with Netpreneur, YouthLearn, Venture Philanthropy Partners and the Institute’s work in general?

We suggest that you first review the resources available on this Web site and those of our entrepreneurial ventures:

If you have questions or comments after reviewing the sites, then use the Contact Us area on the various Web sites, contact a specific associate of the Morino Institute or send inquiries to feedback@morino.org.

What online newsletters are available on the Institute’s work?

Currently, we have the following online newsletters available:

  • VPPNews — a monthly electronic newsletter with the latest on Venture Philanthropy Partners, its investment partners, and innovations in philanthropy and strengthening nonprofit organizations. Visit http://www.vppartners.org/newsletter-signup-form/ to subscribe.

  • The Morino Institute has plans to disseminate occasional email updates to interested parties about our activities and progress.

What online forums and learning communities are available on the Institute’s work?

  • The YouthLearn discussion list focuses on issues for individuals working with youth who are or seek to integrate technology into their programs, specifically in out-of-school settings. This list encourages the exchange of information, teaching techniques, practical tips and provides space for questions for other members online. Practitioners who are directly working with children and educational experts will be particularly interested in the YouthLearn list. Traffic on the list varies, but a subscriber may choose Regular or Digest mode. To subscribe, visit http://www.youthlearn.org

How can I learn more of career opportunities with Morino Institute and its entrepreneurial ventures?

Send a statement on your life goals, including a paragraph on your career objectives and one on the value-add you would bring to an organization like ours. A copy of your resume (email attachment files are preferred) would be appreciated. Please send to feedback@morino.org . While we may not have available opportunities that match your skills and expertise, we often are aware of other positions that may be of interest to you.

How can we link our site with www.morino.org?

We do not encourage links to the Morino Institute site for, often, the most appropriate linkages are to the sites of our entrepreneurial ventures. If you do want to establish a link to the Morino Institute site, we ask that you send your rationale and information about your site to feedback@morino.org.

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