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Morino Institute From Access to Outcomes: Digital Divide Report and Dialogue
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Quotations should be attributed on first reference to From Access to Outcomes: Raising the Aspirations for Technology Initiatives in Low-Income Communities, published by the Morino Institute. On second reference, please refer to the Morino Institute's From Access to Outcomes report or the Morino Institute’s digital divide report.

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The Morino Institute, a nonprofit that works to strengthen organizations serving the children oflow-income communities, has released a report entitled From Access to Outcomes: Raising the Aspirations for Technology Initiatives in Low-Income Communities. The report, which has been refined with the help of dozens of top thought leaders in the fields of learning and technology, represents an ambitious effort to channel, redirect, and augment the energies that are being devoted to closing the digital divide. The report and extensive supplementary materials are available on the Morino website, at
From Access to Outcomes makes the case that technology must not be seen as an end in itself. Although most initiatives aimed at closing the digital divide have focused on expanding access to new technologies, the report concludes that providing access alone is rarely as effective as it is well-meaning. The report finds that initiatives in and by low-income communities are far better at producing meaningful change when people apply technology with tangible economic, educational, and social end results – or "outcomes" – in mind. From Access to Outcomes offers a host of insights and case studies to illustrate how a new focus on outcomes – along with smart, large-scale investments to help achieve them – could help turn the country’s disparate digital divide efforts into a powerful movement capable of producing widespread social change.

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