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Morino Institute From Access to Outcomes: Digital Divide Report and Dialogue

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  • Morino, Mario. (2000, October). Keynote address. Paper presented at the "Networks for People" conference, US Department of Commerce, Washington, DC.

Premise One:
Focus on Narrowing Social — Not Digital — Divides

Premise Two:
Concentrate on Achieving Concrete Outcomes

  • Nortel Networks’ information on the Drew University telemedicine initiative.

Premise Three:
Work Through Trusted Leaders in the Community

  • Community Networking Institute (CNI): Steve Buttress, Executive Director. Phone: (308) 236-9967. Email:
  • Community Builders. Contact: Amy Larrick, Community Builders Coordinator, Nebraska Rural Development Commission. Phone: (402) 471-8786. Email:

Premise Four:
Support Efforts by Communities to Strengthen Their Capacity

  • Information on NEP from the John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Innovations in American Government Awards page.

Premise Five:
Apply Technology to Help Build Capacity

Premise Six:
Recognize that Technology Requires Its Own Capacity

Premise Seven:
Make the Case for
Applied Technology

  • Pew Internet and American Life Project. (2000, September).Who’s not online [Online].

Premise Eight:
Make Major Changes in Public Policy

Premise Nine:
Dramatically Expand the Availability of Capital

  • Letts, Christine; Ryan, William; & Grossman, Allen. (1999). High performance nonprofits: Managing upstream for greater impact. New York: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Allen Grossman, Bloomberg Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School. Phone: (617) 496-8178. Email:

Premise Ten:
Dramatically Broaden the Scope of Efforts

  • EnlacesEnlaces Program. Contact: Dr. J. Enrique Hinostroza, National Deputy Coordinator. Phone: 56 45 325252 (if dialing from the United States, add 011 before the number). Email:


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