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YDC Pilot Goals and Objectives

This document is also available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

The YDC Pilot Overview provides a brief description of the collaborative work underway.

The YDC Pilot is a two-year pilot program of the Morino Institute in partnership with four community-based groups (Core Partners ) serving youth and families in the District of Columbia. The Pilot seeks to understand how the Internet-its related technologies and the resources it makes available-can be integrated into the work of these organizations to increase their capacity to offer services to children and their families and improve their overall operations.

The purpose of the Pilot is to leverage and strengthen the work of the Core Partner organizations by providing the expertise to develop the organizational capacity-people, systems and know-how-to integrate the Internet into their learning and youth-related programs. And, the Pilot will capture and share with others in the broader communities the Pilot's experiences, lessons learned and accomplishments.

Here then are the goals and objectives that the Pilot is to attain and against which the Pilot's effectiveness and outcomes are to be assessed.

Goal 1: Build the organizational capacity-people, systems and know-how-to enable four community-based organizations (the Pilot Core Partners) to integrate the Internet into their programs and organization to strengthen and leverage their work with young people and the community.

These objectives will be achieved to satisfy Goal 1:

  • Networked Learning Centers established in four Core Partner organizations and used as out-of-school centers, each engaging at least 150 youth in learning activities.
  • Core Partner staff with the demonstrated capability to develop and deliver Internet-enabled learning programs for youth.
  • Suite of Internet-enabled learning programs and supporting materials developed for use in the Networked Learning Center curriculum and in other youth development programs.
  • Core Partner leadership who understand the potential of the Internet and how to use it to increase their organizational effectiveness and capacity to advance their mission within their communities.
  • Core Partner management and staff who have demonstrated their capacity to plan, direct and oversee the integration and use of the Internet to improve their day-to-day effectiveness, individual performance and organizational performance within their overall operations.
  • Core Partner management with established relationships with the broader business community for improved resource support.
  • Core Partner organizations with the demonstrated capacity to sustain their Networked Learning Centers and learning programs beyond the Pilot.

Goal 2: Create opportunities for enhancing the lives of children, their families and adults in the broader communities.

These objectives will be achieved to satisfy Goal 2:

  • Networked Learning Centers established as safe havens for out-of-school activity where children come into an enriched learning environment to engage in developmental learning activities with the guidance of caring adults and other youth. This dynamic should generate growth in skills, competencies, self-confidence, etc. for the child, and an enriched, supportive, learning relationship between and among both children and adults.
  • Children with a greater level of confidence in their ability to learn and take on new learning initiatives. Children with more positive attitudes to learning, improved academic proficiency, new skills and competencies.
  • Increased awareness on the part of children, their families and the community at large of the importance of the Internet and its potential to add value to their lives.
  • Core Partners perceived as a more valuable resource in the community due to the Networked Learning Centers and the YDC Pilot, their programs and use of the Internet.

Goal 3: Capture the experiences and accomplishments and disseminate this collected knowledge to the Core Partners to sustain their efforts and to a variety of other audiences so that they can benefit and learn from the Pilot.

These objectives will be achieved to satisfy Goal 3:

  • Online forums established and used for Core Partner staff, advisors and supporters to come together in an online learning community to exchange information and experiences, benefit from an online question-and-answer dialog, and support continuous learning and self-improvement.
  • A body of information on how to plan, develop, use and operate Networked Learning Centers; to create Internet-enabled learning programs; train and develop staff; incorporate management business practices; and apply and use the Internet to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • A body of information on the experiences, processes and systems used, lessons learned and advances in organizational capacity building achieved by the Core Partners.

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